Top American Trainer Reveals His 

IF You're Stuck At Home Or Have Failed In The Past! Here Lies The Secret Workout Method to Get YOUR KNOCKOUT BODY ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Sarah, 32 mom of 2 and full-time executive: 17lbs in just 6 weeks, 42 pounds and 4 inches in just 4 months

Before this program. I was always missing the gym because of kids, work and all the other things that came up in my hectic, busy day. Before boxing I tried every workout but got bored because it was repetitive or I just wasn't seeing any results fast enough.. 

Then I took a boxing class in the city and loved it. So, when I saw this boxing program on Facebook I bought it right away. That same weekend I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and purchased a Stand Up Bag, gloves and wraps. 6 Weeks later I lost 17 lbs. and haven't looked back!  

I'm so grateful to have been one of the first in the BETA program. I can't tell you enough how fun and amazing this program has been for me. Get it. You won't regret it

COURTNEY, mom of 3 and busy executive: 19 lbs pounds in just 8 weeks, 56 lbs in 6 months

The 21 Day Boxing Program and Doug's High Level Coaching Program both changed my life!

The Boxing workouts in the 21 day Fitness Boxer are so much fun. Every workout whether I used the 15 minute guide or the 60 minute guide was so challenging. I'm not going to lie. They are hard. I was always dripping in sweat and could feel every muscle. I've never experience workouts that are so different and effective as Toby and Doug's. I felt like I was being personally trained in every video. In just 7 weeks I lost 19 lbs. I was totally hooked. 

So, I reached out to Doug and asked him if he'd take me on as a client online. That's when my body really changed. I lost 56 lbs in just about 8 months. All i can say is you're being trained by the best! 

The Dangerous Myth of ONLY GETTING FIT BY TRAINING AT THE GYMAnd What YOU Can Do About It.

Does this sound familiar?

You've worked out at the gym for months and even years with very little change and now you're stuck at home without any real plan.  

...or even worse, the stubborn weight you once took off before this catastrophe is now starting to creep back on. 

You're feeling yucky, sluggish and just blah...

So you try workout apps, watch Youtube and other social media workout videos.

You've been doing this for a few weeks or you might have even done this for months prior to being stuck at home...

You're still not seeing any results.  You just don't know what to do! You feel lost...

It’s time to face the truth — Following Random APP and Social Media Workouts Won't Give You Real Body Changing Results YOU DESERVE!

You need an Expert Plan to Pave the Way to Real Results!  Tone and defined muscle that helps you burn fat 24 -7!

But that’s GREAT news for you! 

To burn fat and lose weight... you don't even have to go to the gym anymore to get the results you desire! 

I can show you a PROVEN BREAKTHROUGH METHOD that has helped thousands of busy women get amazing results right at home.  Yes! At home. 


Before finding this HICT METHOD, these women struggled to get results, didn't
 have hours to workout in the gym, were tired of feeling tired and just wanted something to get  FIT, STRONG AND HEALTHY in weeks NOT MONTHS OR EVEN YEARS! 

That’s right… This Workout Method will help you ditch the gym for results!

The truth is — you never have to struggle, guess or desire to get a Tight, Fit Body at HOME!




JEN, 42 mom of 2 and full time sales executive: Lost 7 lbs in just 3 weeks, 13 lbs in 7 weeks

I purchased the Fitness Boxer Program to supplement my gym workouts when I'm home on the weekends or can't go into work because one of my kids is home when sick.

At first, I didn't really use it but then figured out how to put it into my busy schedule consistently.  It soon became the solution to finally help me change my fitness.  

Now, I'm stuck at home due to the Coronavirus and it's my only program to keep my body in shape.  

This program is awesome.  Really works.  I love boxing now and love my home workouts.  I definitely suggest trying this program.  You will get results if you do it everyday and follow Doug's Plan!

ASHLEY, 34 Mom of 3 and Pro Fitness Model: Increased her Cardio, Learned Boxing

I wanted to learn boxing for a long time. I saw this program on Facebook and decided to give it a shot.  

Now, I see how people get into amazing shape with boxing workouts. 

This program has taught me a different way to train my clients.  Doug is definitely a Top Trainer. 

I can't way to get back to train my clients with boxing workouts myself!

* All results were based upon following the system, hard work and consistency. You can't expect these same results as they are atypical unless you follow the program and aren't guaranteed as every person has different circumstances, medical conditions and behaviors.  

Hi, I’m Doug Bennett...

I’m a Top American Trainer, Best-Selling Fitness Author, #1 Women's Boxing Fitness Gym Owner. You may know me as the creator of the former #4 top-ranked iPhone app of 2013, FitGirl Pro. 

After 29 years of training pro boxers, pro athletes, top models and tens of thousands of busy women just like you… I’m here to share the SECRET. And the secret is high-intensity circuit training (HICT).

I finally have decided to share some of my secret methods for a fraction of what others have paid thousands for training.  I know this program will work for you!

You won't have to hire a trainer for information ever again!


MY High-Intensity Circuit Training Can Deliver Insane Results... With Just 15 Minutes Of Fast Action that Tricks Your Body into Changing - FAST!

It’s literally the fastest way to TORCH FAT, LOSE WEIGHT, and SCULPT YOUR BODY into the THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! 

The HICT TRAINING METHOD combines conditioning, punching, weight toning and trouble spot targeting in each and every session.  Each 15 minute workout circuit guarantees you results towards your goal.

Have more than 15 minutes to workout? Awesome.  The HICT METHOD was designed to combine 15 minute circuits to fit your goals and time restraints.  Some women train 15 minutes and others 45 minutes plus.   Whatever your fitness level or goal.  

This is designed to bring you to the NEXT LEVEL in your fitness journey and results!

And one of the most effective HICT training methods is boxing! That’s right… BOXING! It allows you to push your body to the limit and have fun doing it!  You don't need a gym membership or high level boxing equipment.

Are YOU Ready to Get A Tight, Fit Body?

If so… you could pay a Personal Trainer $100-$150 per hour.
You Could keep watching videos that aren't related on Youtube or just try to piece a diet together based on gimmicks...

Or… you could get my exclusive HICT METHOD FOR HOME for a FRACTION of that price- FOR A LIFETIME OF AMAZING RESULTS.

Welcome to the PROVEN formula that allows busy women to punch away fat and build lean muscle in just 15 high-intensity minutes per day! 

This all-in-one weight loss system combines conditioning, boxing, and weight training to whip you into the BEST shape of your life! And it’s all based on a 15-minute ultra-circuit workout that easily fits into your busy schedule. 

For this powerhouse program, you need very little equipment and hardly any time — just a desire to transform your body once and for all. 

Just Follow The HICT HOME WORKOUT METHOD FOR RESULTS -Build Strength,Confidence And Sexy Tone Body:

  • Burn away fat shed excess pounds quickly
  • Build and define lean muscle to turn heads no matter what you wear.
  • Sculpt your body from head to toe while punching off stress and aggression (boxing is a best-kept weight loss secret!) 
  • Learn how to punch with proper form and maximum impact
  • Gain confidence knowing that you can defend yourself if needed
  • Feel sexy, build strength, and jump with energy.

My Exclusive HICT BLUEPRINT Was Specially Designed for Women JUST LIKE YOU Who:

  • Want to get fit and lean at home… without killing themselves for hours at the gym
  • Desire that feeling of jumping out of bed everyday with alertness, focus, and energy without relying on caffeine 
  • Wants to look good in any jeans or strapless dress that makes you feel sexy and fit
  • Are looking for a boost in confidence that is recognized and respected by others
  • Desire the show-stopping, jaw-dropping body that turns heads no matter where you go or put on.
These DYNAMIC, FAST-PACED workouts are PERFECT for the busy executive and the busy mom! The best part? It’s a whole-body workout that WILL FIT INTO YOUR LIFESTYLE!

You’re willing to put in the work. And you’re willing to invest in a rock-solid body. You just want something that DELIVERS REAL RESULTS.

Even as you read these words, The HICT METHOD  is helping women JUST LIKE YOU absolutely ROCK the sexiest, fit body of their lives! 

Here’s how YOU can shed unwanted weight and get SUPER FIT AND SEXY IN JUST 21 DAYS — just like thousands of my other happy students...

Here’s What You Get!

Blast away fat and lose weight in the comfort of 
your home with this ONE-OF-A KIND SYSTEM: 

Just show up in your living room or home gym with dumbbells and a punching bag (OPTIONAL). 

That’s it! And get ready for 15 minutes of Fast-paced, action-packed FUN!

That’s not all!  You'll Get Over $250 in FREE Bonuses to Get You Into Amazing Shape!

Today only, I’m bundling in some high-value bonuses. 

These ACTION-PACKED bonuses are yours if you ACT TODAY!

21-Day FAST TRACK PLAN ($19 value)

This calendar will tell you step-by-step, day-by-day your fastest path to jaw dropping results whether you have 15, 30 or even 60 minutes per day. Just follow and see results!

Doug's Email Support 24-7 ($200 value) 

Need help? No problem. "I will help you with your fitness and diet to make sure you're on the right track and ensure success with all access email support!"

Body Slimming Diet Plan ($39 value) 

Burning fat and losing weight never tasted so good!

Where Do YOU Want to Be in 21 Short Days?!

21 Days will be here faster than you think. So ask yourself honestly… where do you want to be in three short weeks? 

Do you want to wake up with the same ol’ problems? Low energy, flabby physique, and just feeling out of whack and unhappy?


Do you want to jump out of bed in the morning, look in the mirror with a smile from ear-to-ear (THE PROGRESS!!!). You’re in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE! 

Seriously… Imagine being in total control of your health and happiness. 
Your colleagues, friends, and family will see your body changing before their eyes…

And they’ll marvel at your discipline and tenacity. 

So which will it be? The choice is yours.

Opportunity is knocking. The question is… will you answer?  

The Tight, Fit Body of Your Dreams Can Be YOURS! This Program will be your FINAL SOLUTION... 
Start Today!  

It’s time to let the curtain drop!

Get my exclusive 21 Day At-Home Boxing Challenge and get ultra-fit in no time at all!

This full-body transformation program (exercises, pro secrets, cardio regimen, calendar and fat-burning recipes!) is jam-packed with EVERYTHING you need to get the body of your DREAMS… 

And it’s easily valued at over $500! Yes… $500!!!

But if you ACT NOW, you’ll get the FULL program for one small payment DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS DISCOUNT OF $ 100 OFF


Take Action Today For a STRONG, SLIM, HEALTHY and SEXIER You Tomorrow!


Experience REAL Weight-Loss Results in Just 21 Days... Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

I’m 100% confident that my exclusive HICT SYSTEM will completely transform your body and change your life. In fact… I’m SO confident that I’m putting it all on the line. 

Here’s my promise to you...

If you follow the program, in 21 short days: You WILL lose weight; your energy and confidence will shoot through the roof; and you will finally SEE POUNDS DROP OFF... or your money back! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

It Looks Like You Hit a Fork in the Road… And You Have 3 Options.

Option #1 — You just learned all about how this weight-loss plan can change your life, but you turn and walk away. If you’re not willing to make a small investment ( LESS THAN A $2 A DAY FOR 28 DAYS!)  in your health and happiness, then you may never feel comfortable in your own skin. Don’t go down this road.  GET FIT FOR $1 (LESS THAN  A DONUT)!
Option #2 — You realize high-circuit training (specifically boxing) can help you tremendously, but you choose to go it alone. You watch YouTube videos, and you try to piece together a program on your own. This too is a dead-end road that's just 99% created by Amateurs.  Now You can get a Lifetime Opportunity to start a PROVEN, TOP AMERICAN TRAINER created program that's guaranteed to help you.
Option #3 — You make the small investment today (buy now for this special price of just $47, today only) to totally transform your physique, energy, and confidence. You purchase the exclusive 21 Day Challenge and you start immediately. You have what it takes to complete this program and step into the sexiest body ever.

Meet Your Trainer 
Top American Trainer…  
Doug Bennett! 

Over the last 29 years, I’ve helped hundreds of pro athletes and pro fighters, Olympic wrestlers, model agencies, and tens of thousands of women to CRUSH their fitness goals. 

I’m a former Division 1A Wrestler, a Clemson University grad, and I hold a Master’s of Science/Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Today I’m one of the most respected and sought-after trainers in Massachusetts.  I charge $250 for just 1 hour session
and have been booked for over 11 years.

I also own and operate one of the largest women’s boxing gyms in the Northeast United States — so you better believe I know how to drive weight-loss results for women just like you! It’s my passion and purpose.

As YOU work  through this PROGRAM, I want you to know that I’ve got your back every step of the way. 

 Still Have Some Questions? I’ve Got As to Your Qs!

Q. What if I don’t have a punching bag?
No problem! You can do this entire program without any bag but obviously its better if you have one.  We can help get you one if needed at discount.  
Q: I haven’t worked out in a long time, will this work for me?
Yes. These workouts are only 15 minutes and allow you to get the maximum power in minimum time. If you’re a beginner, you can start with doing 2-3 workouts a week and work your way up to combining two or even four 15 minute circuits.  
Q: I’m new to boxing, is this for me?
Absolutely. Everyone from women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s and beyond who have never boxed a day in their life can be successful with these at-home workouts.
Q: Can I get my money back if I’m not happy?
Yes. Your investment is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Try it out for 30 days, and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, I will personally refund your money, no questions asked.
Q: Is this program online?
Yes. All workouts are accessible online on any device. 
Q: Do I need equipment?
You can do this without equipment, or you can do it with a punching bag and gloves to make it even more fun!  So, you plus a few dumbbells and a little space is all you need.
Q: How do I get started?
Simply click below to get started. You’ll enjoy instant access to these hard-hitting workouts that are sure to transform your physique. 

Here’s What You Get!

THE HICT VIDEO WORKOUT SYSTEM  + Doug Bennett's Personal Email Contact 24/7 ($200 value) +21-Day Workout Calendar ($19 value) + Body Slimming Diet ($39 value) 

For $149 $47.00


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